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Carnival in Guadeloupe


Carnival starts on Epiphany to end - it's a particularity on Guadeloupe - only on the evening of Ash Wednesday.

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From the beginning of January you can see, especially on week-ends, disguised groups rehearsing in the streets, singing, dancing, making collections between the passers-by to be able to finish their costumes. These preparations culminate in the last "fat" days before Lent, when from Shrove Sunday to Ash Wednesday work rests and carnival is at its frenzy.
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You can attend to beauty contests, parades by foot or floats, costume, dance or music contests, children's parades ...
The biggest parades being in Pointe-à-Pitre and Basse-Terre, but you'll live carnival in every town and village. homme papillon femmes fleurs

On Shrove Sunday the streets fill with carnival's buffoons, parades and masquerades take place. la banane The carnival groups can finally show the result of their efforts and parade by foot or on floats in colorful disguisements - following a different theme each year.

Shrove Tuesday starts with morning parades for everyone in pajamas, followed by parades all day long and late dancing.

Ash Wednesday: on this last day of cheerfulness the streets are full of black and white he- and she-devils. The evening points the end of carnival with the "Grand brilé Vaval", cremation of King Carnival "Vaval" accompanied by the crowd's cries and wailings. The day ends with late dining and dancing, for the last time the Ti-Punch flows abundantly.

Mid-Lent Thursday, half-time between carnival and Easter, is a day in Lent where carnival revives: it is the day of red and black devils. diable

A small glossary
jou gra /
nèg gwo siwo
"the greasy days", the last days of carnival from Saturday to Shrove Tuesday
carnival, period from Epiphany until Ash Wednesday included
lent until Easter - also dry season in the Caribbean
Mid-lent, one day of carnival where Vaval raises from the death
a man coated with cane syrup, recalling the time of slavery
a fancy dress party where ladies choose their dancers

The events of Carnival - click here!

The Guadeloupean Carnival Organisations:
- Fédération Guadeloupéenne du Carnaval,
- Office du Carnaval de la Guadeloupe
  6 Immeuble PAUVERT, Desmarais 97120 SAINT-CLAUDE,
  Tél: 05 90 94 03 53,
  C/O Communauté des Commune de Marie-Galante 97122 Grand-Bourg Marie-Galante
  Tél: 06 90 63 15 16 - 0690 34 69 70 - Fax 0590 97 31 03
- Le Groupement pour la culture et le carnaval de région pointoise, Tel: 06 90 12 19 65

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