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WCT - WQS, how it works


au spot du Moule The WCT (World Championship Tour) comprises the 44 best professional surfers. The WQS (World Qualifying Series) allows newcomers to measure themselves to the professional without having to travel around the world. It is a fair system for classification. The best 16 of the WQS change to the Top 44 of WCT, outdoing the last 16 of this circuit.



A competition:
Series of 4 surfers, 20 minutes, placed upon the 3 or 4 best waves by the director of the competition and 4 to 5 judges.
The best 2 competitors go on to next series, the last 2 are knocked out.
The final generally lasts 20 or 30 minutes depending on the swell.

About fifty competitions are held on the five continents, being endowed with 1 to 5 stars, defining the prize as well as the point awarding (from 500 a 2.500 points). The final results are given at the end of the year. The surfers are placed upon their 8 best results, therefore they should hold good places in 4 or 5 star competitions. The women competitions have inferior prize and point awardings.

As for Europeans, the best 4 of the EPSA (European Pro Surfing Association) circuit of the year before, for all the WQS competitions hold in Europe, are admitted to the 16th of final without having to pass the eliminatory series. Thus they automatically gain their prize and point awardings.

Some of the Guadeloupean surfers:

Men: tom frager 1997
  • Thomas Debierre
  • Arthur Bourbon
  • Charly Martin
  • Yann Martin
  • Jex Debray
  • Dimitri Ouvré
  • William Allioti
  • Jordan Oueslati
  • Tom Frager
  • Tim Frager
  • Nicolas Lesueur
  • Guillaume de Corlieu
  • Ugo Benghozi
  • Fabrice Thirion
  • François Georges
  • Pascal Berti
  • Ledée Mario
  • Peyo Milhau
  • Caroline Sarran
  • Maud Lecar
  • Kim Veteau
  • Lea Mengual
  • Marine Bourroux
  • Charlotte Bronchon
  • Delphine Raes
  • Naia Milhau

body board Bodyboard competition -
how it works

The participants are placed in competition series depending on their results in the past.

A competition:
Series of 4 surfers, 20 minutes to one hour depending on the swell.
Ten waves are allowed and the best three are marked.
Placed upon the 3 or 4 best waves by the director of the competition and the judges.
From 0,5 to 10 points for the competitor's performance.

Criterions to judge are the wave quality, the figures, control in the citical section of the wave ...


The Guadeloupean body boarders:

  • Martin Mouradian
  • Cyril Passet
  • Eric Coulon
  • Cedric Etienne
  • Pierre Georges
  • Julien Cadoret
  • Heloise Bourroux
  • Ravi Bailleux
  • Audibert Julie name only a few !