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Plants and Flowers

Wild Plants

The world of plants in Guadeloupe is as diverse as impressive - fertile soil through the vulcano, sun and rain are the main ingredients for it. The vegetation is different depending on the climate, proximity to the sea and altitude.

There are woods of Mangroves at the swampy coast and coconut trees and other tropical trees at the beaches, including the poisonous Manchioneel tree.

You find the typical rain forest first of all at the slopes of the vulcano on Basse-Terre up to an altitude of 1.000m. There you see kapok trees, huge rubber trees, hardwood (mahogany, chestnut ...), ferns in all sizes, creepers, philodendra and more than hundred different orchids.
rain forest, Guadeloupe giant kapok tree tropical forest tropical forest blue orchid
In higher altitudes crippled trees, wild pineapples, moss and lichen are part of the savana.

Garden Plants and plantations
Most of the plants and fruits were imported to Guadeloupe over many hundred years. Papaya and coconut from India, litchi from China, carambole from Indonesia, goyava and avocado from Brazil, mangos from the Island of Reunion, plums from Polynesia, bredfruit tree, filao and flamboyants from Madagascar.
sugar cane, Guadeloupe ravenal bredfruit cocoa
Pineapples, bananas, oranges, lemons, limes, passion fruits, royal palm trees and Trees of the Traveller are part of this paradise garden.
violet orchid, Guadeloupe Ginger frangipanier Lilly
Flowers bloom all over the year: Bougainvillea, Alamanda, Hibiscus, Torch Ginger, Anthurium, Birds of Paradise, Alpinia, Lillies ...

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