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Guadeloupe's beaches


To get to really know a foreign country you must make a trip.
But the first reason to choose Guadeloupe as destination are the beaches on turquoise blue, soothing warm water and palm trees bending in soft trade winds.

Guadeloupe and her sister islands make this dream come true.

Of course, there are the hotels' beaches, some of them built into the sea, where you find all the activities and animations you can imagine.
beach Petit Havre, Gosier beach Lagon, Saint Francois beach Malendure beach grande anse, deshaies
For those of you, who are more adventurous, there are about 50 beaches at the end of little streets and dirt roads, some of them only reachable by foot.
beach near Sainte Rose beach Anse Vinaigri, Gosier beach Gros Sable, Sainte Anne beach Basses, Marie Galante
Each little bay has its own character and spirit: powderlike white sand on Grande-Terre, golden brown sand on the leeward coast, black sand from the vulcano on the westend of Basse-Terre, grass on the edge of the Mangroves, cliffs, beaches full of pebbles, beaches where the rhythm of fishermen dominates the life, kneehigh water behind coral reefs, big waves at the Atlantic coast, palm trees and tropical vegetation ...
beach Moule Autre Bord beach Trois Rivieres Grande Anse beach Anse Laborde beach Cluny
The only thing that you will find everywhere is the sea, warm and clear, with an incredible underwater world which everyone should explore by snorkeling.
beach Saint Felix, Gosier beach Petit Bas Vent, Deshaies beach Anse a l'Eau, Saint Francois beach Bois Jolan, Sainte Anne
High sun protection is absolutely necessary especially at the beaches without plants providing some shade or at the nude beaches of Anse Tarare next to Pointe des Châteaux and Pointe du Petit-Bas-Vent in the north of Basse-Terre.

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