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Fauna and Flora in Guadeloupe

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Animals in Guadeloupe

In comparison to other tropical countries, the variety of the animal life in Guadeloupe is limited. That is not too bad, because there are also no poisonous and dangerous animals (mosquitos and scolopendra are the most aggressive ones). The variety of animals of former days fell victim first to arrows of the Indians, then to the guns of the colonists and last but not least to the import of the mongoose supposed to kill the snakes. They indeed killed the snakes, but at the same time several other species, for example the parrots.
The "Lamentin", a sweatwater sea lion, which named the village of Lamentin, disappeared completely from the rivers of Guadeloupe.
pelican sugar bird parrots dragonfly
But you still can watch a huge variety of birds: colibris, sugar birds with yellow bellies, cow herons, blackbirds, the black woodpecker in the rain forest, moorhens in the Mangrove, wild ducks, and at the sea pelicans, frigate birds, brown gannets and seagulls.

Not to forget, of course: the racoon - "Ti-racoon", the mascot of the National Park, legions of colorful butterflies, crabs, a culinary speciality of Guadeloupe, as well as lizards and iguanas, which most of all call the Islands of Petite Terre and the Saintes their home.
racoon, Guadeloupe Anoli Iguana hermit crab
In addition, there are millions of frogs and toads, invisible during the day, but with voices you can't miss as soon as it is getting dark.

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