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Guadeloupes world underwater

Next to the Red Sea and the lagoons of the Pacific Islands, the world under water of the West Indies is one of the most impressive.

There are reservations around the islands of Petite-Terre and Pigeon vis-a-vis Malendure on Basse-Terre, where visitors can admire the magic water world through the glass bottom of boats or by scuba diving.

In Guadeloupe, even unexperienced divers can follow the ballet of fish of all colors. At almost every beach you can explore the coral reefs with snorkel and mask. Very often the water is only kneehigh and always cristal clear.
The corals with their strange names like fan-shaped yellow, brown or purple Gorgons, Horn of the Elk or Brain of Venus are worth while to watch.

Between them, there are endless schools of colorful fish: yellow and blue Officers Fish, Butterfly Fish with a second pair of fake eyes, Parrot Fish, Ballon Fish, Queen Trigger Fish ...

coqillages On the bottom of the sea you can find the white eatable urchin, as well as starfish or mussels. The biggest are Rooster-tail-conches, Casques or Tritons.

In the waters of Guadeloupes there are practically no dangerous species, but beware of the black poisonous sea urchin with its long spines as well as the orange fire coral which causes a rash, or the rare jellyfish, the morays and the barracuda.

If you are lucky you will see a crayfish or a turtle. Both of them are protected species and, therefore you are not allowed to catch them.

a project to reintroduce Manatees (or sea cows, extincted by overfishing) to the Grand Cul de Sac Marin is ongoing, the first animals should be set free during 2018.

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While deep-sea fishing, birds like the frigates show you schools of Tuna, Sailfish, Spearfish, Dolphins and Yellowfin. Once in a while you will meet a Stingray or even a Hammer-shark or a family of Cachalots. Flying fish will often accompany your boat.

Respect the sea !
The temptation to pick up corals may be big, but you have to know, that it is forbidden. A reef needs decades to rebuild ! Follow the rules in regard of turtels and crayfish. Only then the underwater paradise will survive over the years.

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