gites des bougainvilliers now Gîtes KAS'A FLO
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pool Gites des Bougainvilliers From the terrace of the "Bougainvilliers", where you can lunch in this very special spelling athmosphere of a tropical island, you'll enjoy the extraordinary panorama view to the Saintes islands and the white sails of cruising yachts in front of this breathtaking background. Even from our overflowing pool, at your disposal to refresh and relax, you'll enjoy this same overwhelming view.
You can taste and enjoy the typical creole cuisine. the Saintes bay
You can choose a lodging of 35m²/380ft² (2-3 pers.) or of 52m²/560ft² (4-5 pers.), designed for tropical climate and comprising a bedroom, a bathroom and a cooking space.
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Gîtes KAS'A FLO - ex Gîtes de Bougainvilliers
Florence Labat
Chemin de la Regrettée, 21 Lot. Tolbiac 1
97114 TROIS RIVIERES - Guadeloupe - F.W.I.
Tel. & Fax +590 (0)

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