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Program of events

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Flea markets:
Every first Sunday of the month: at the Darse of Pointe-à-Pitre
Every first Sunday of the month: near the beach of Raisins Clairs in Saint-François
Every second Sunday of the month: place de la Liberté in Moule
Every third Sunday of the month: near the stadium of Sainte-Anne
Every last Sunday of the month: in Saint-Claude


For the reason of the actual sanitary situation, we are not able to give a complete program of events in Guadeloupe.
This page will be updated with regard to the evolution of the crisis.

06/01 Epiphany or "fête des Rois"
The dinner is culminating in the serving of a traditional cake "galette des Rois" when a King is alloted
JANUARY Beginning of the Carnival season lasting until Lent. This year, the carnival groups cannot parade and rehearse in the streets. Several projects are being elaborated to permit spectators to watch parades filmed on a scene or in a stadium.
25/01 Ze Race: Between Petite-Terre and Pointe-à-Pitre Downwind paddle of 50 kms -
27/01-03/02 FEMI 2021, International Caribbean Movie Festival of Guadeloupe. Long and short films, conferences. Festival village.

04-07/02 MG RACE, Jet Ski race, Gosier - Saint Louis de Marie Galante, postponed to June or November, depending on the sanitary situation
07-15/02 Les Nuits Caraïbes, festival of classical music, jazz and flamenco, Tel: 0690 61 94 04
Guadeloupe, various places,
13-16/02 Carnival Days until Shrove Tuesday: Carnival is at height of frenzy
17/02 Ash Wednesday: "Grand Brilé Vaval" (burning of King Carnival "Vaval") on a funeral pyre. Only in the F.W.I. Carnival lasts through Ash Wednesday

MARCH 2021
march Whale migration in the Caribbean Sea
11/03 Mid-Lent - a day of carnival in lent. Holiday

APRIL 2021
April Celebration of the Sea in Saint François
Information: Tourism Bureau, Tel.:
April End of the cockfight season
Informations: Office du Tourisme, Tel.: ++590-82.09.30
04/04 Fair of crabs in Morne à l'Eau
04/04 Fair of goats on Desirade
02-05/04 Easter - traditional picnics on the beach
02-10/04 GUADARUN, Adventureraid - 6 Islands – 6 legs,

MAY 2021
01/05 Labour Day. Holiday
Workers' pararades
03/05 Saint Patron's Day in Vieux-Habitants (Saint Joseph)
03/05 Saint Patron's Day in Petit-Canal (Saint Philipp/Saint Jacques)
08/05 Victoire (Victory) 1945
national holiday
13/05 Ascension Thursday. Holiday
Traditional picnics at the beach
27/05 Slavery abolition Day. Holiday
Events all over the archipelago
21-24/05 Terre de Blues - International Music Festival in Marie-Galante - Information
33-24/05 Pentcost Holiday
Traditional picnics at the beach
30/05 Mother's Day

JUNE 2021
21/06 Day of Music
A cloud of music all over the Archipelago
24/06 St. Patron's Day in Baie-Mahault (St. Jean Baptiste)
24/06 St. Patron's Day in Moule (St. Jean Baptiste)
25-27/06 Transkarukera, international run through the Soufrière mountains, Info: 06 90 00 49 41,
29/06 St. Patron's Day in Deshaies (St. Pierre et St. Paul)

JULY 2021
01/07-31/08 FESTIVAL GUADELOUPE, annual summer event
(Gastronomy, Music, Folklore)
July Forum of Arts, Crafts and Folklore in Sainte Anne
Informations: OMCS, Tel: 0590-88.12.16
04-11/07 Gwo-Ka (traditional drums) festival in Sainte Anne, listed as Intangible cultural heritage by Unesco
Informations: OMCS, Tel: 0590-88.12.16
July Bicycle Tour of Marie Galante - Informations
06/07 St. Patron's Day in Port-Louis (Notre Dame des 7 douleurs)
14/07 Bastille Day. Holiday. Fireworks
17-18/07 All Day in Music Festival: electro/caribean show,
15-31/07 International Zouk Festival of Guadeloupe
concerts throughout Guadeloupe Infotel: 0590 241 968
21/07 Holiday Victor Schoelcher
(highly contributed to the abolition of slavery in 1848)
26/07 St. Patron's Day in Goyave (Sainte Anne)
26/07 St. Patron's in Sainte Anne (Sainte Anne)
26/07 St. Patron's Day in Capesterre de Marie-Galante (Sainte Anne)
Tour de Guadeloupe - International Bicycle Tour of Guadeloupe

August Miss Guadeloupe Beauty Contest
August Festival of Traditional Music in Moule
07/08 Cooks' Festival: the women cooks, to honour their Saint Lawrence, bring baskets full of food to the cathedral, then parade through the city. Follows a banquet with dance that you may attend.
Information: Maison des cuisinières Tel.:
15/08 Assumption Day, Holiday
14-15/08 Fishermens' Days, Marina of Saint François
15/08 Day of the Patron and Fishers' Day at the Saintes, Terre-de-Haut
Mass for the fishermen, procession, benediction of the sea
Informations: Town Hall Terre-de-Haut, Tel.:
15/08 Saint Patron's Day in Grand Bourg at Marie-Galante
15/08 Saint Patron's Day in Pointe-Noire (Notre Dame de Bon Port)
15/08 Saint Patron's Day in Trois-Rivières
15/08 Saint Patron's Day on Desirade
15/08 Saint Patron's Day in Petit Bourg
17/08 Saint Patron's Day in Capesterre-Belle-Eau (Saint Hyacinthe)
23/08 Saint Patron's Day in Sainte-Rose (Sainte Rose de Lima)
24/08 St. Patron's Day on Saint Bartholomew
25/08 St. Patron's Day in Gosier (Saint Louis)
25/08 St. Patron's Day in Bouillante (Saint Louis)
25/08 St. Patron's Day in Saint-Louis at Marie-Galante (Saint Louis)
28/08 St. Patron's Day in Saint-Claude (Saint Augustin)

26/09 Start of the Mini Transat Les Sables d’Olonne - Santa Cruz de La Palma - Saint-François. 84 sailships will put to sea.

04/10 St. Patron's Days Saint-François
04/10 St. Patron's Day in Basse-Terre, district St François (Saint François)
09/10 St. Patron's Day in Anse Bertrand (Saint Denis)
15/10 St. Patron's Day in Basse-Terre, district Ste Thérèse (Ste Thérèse)
22-31/10 Tour de la Guadeloupe - Internationales Radrennen
30/10 Volcano Trail, international run in the Soufrière mountains, Info: 0690 516608,

Nov.-April Cockfight season
Information: Office du Tourisme Tel.:
01-02//11 All Saints Day, All Souls' Day, Holidays
Cemeteries are illuminated by thousands of candlelights
11/11 Armistice Day, public holiday, parades
11/11 Saint Patron's Day in Gourbeyre (Saint Charles)
11/11 Saint Patron's Days of Saint-Martin, Grand-Case
22/11 Day of Music - to honour the patron of musicians, Saint Caecilia
Concerts in the streets and the churches
30/11 Saint Patron's Day in Morne-à-l'Eau (Saint André)

December Chanté Noël
Traditional Christmas Choirs in churches, on village squares....
December Feast of Pointe-a-Pitre's districts
Concerts, street entertainments
06/12 Santa Claus' Day in Terre-de-Bas / Les Saintes
To honour the Saint of the city: Sailors' mass, Procession, Benediction of the sea
Infotel: (city hall Terre-de-Bas)
08/12 Day of women merchants in Abymes (Immaculate Conception)
Procession of the women merchants
Infotel: Tourist Bureau of Abymes
24/12 Christmas Eve
Traditional dishes: Rice and beans, blood sausages, pork colombo. Midnight Mass (with Creole chorals in some churches)
28/12 Young Saints Day
Traditional Masses for children, who are allowed to bring their Christmas gifts to church
31/12 feu d'artifices New Year's Eve, end of  2021 !
Dining and dancing, many events till New Year's morning

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