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Flea markets:
Every first Sunday of the month: at the Darse of Pointe-à-Pitre
Every first Sunday of the month: near the beach of Raisins Clairs in Saint-François
Every second Sunday of the month: place de la Liberté in Moule
Every third Sunday of the month: at the beach of Galbas in Sainte-Anne
Every last Sunday of the month: in Saint-Claude


06/01 Epiphany or "fête des Rois"
The dinner is culminating in the serving of a traditional cake "galette des Rois" when a King is alloted
JANUARY Beginning of the Carnival season lasting until Lent, at week-ends the carnival associations rehearse in the streets
26/01 Ze Race: Between Petite-Terre and Pointe-à-Pitre Downwind paddle of 50 kms -

02-05/02 Carnival Days until Shrove Tuesday: Carnival is at height of frenzy, all business stops for 5 days, big parades of float, costumed groups fill the streets singing and dancing
06/02 Ash Wednesday: at a night parade, "Grand Brilé Vaval" (burning of King Carnival "Vaval") on a funeral pyre. Only in the F.W.I. Carnival lasts through Ash Wednesday

MARCH 2019
23/03 Transatlantic Race Guadeloupe/La Rochelle for the Class40, participants of the oute du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe
28/03 Mid-Lent - a day of carnival in lent. Holiday
Parades in black and red disguises

APRIL 2019
April Celebration of the Sea in Saint François
Information: Tourism Bureau, Tel.:
April End of the cockfight season
Informations: Office du Tourisme, Tel.: ++590-82.09.30
21-22/04 Easter - traditional picnics on the beach
21-22/04 Fair of crabs in Morne à l'Eau
21-22/04 Fair of goats on Desirade
20-28/04 GUADARUN, Adventureraid - 6 Islands 6 legs,

MAY 2019
01/05 Labour Day. Holiday
Workers' pararades
03/05 Saint Patron's Day in Vieux-Habitants (Saint Joseph)
03/05 Saint Patron's Day in Petit-Canal (Saint Philipp/Saint Jacques)
08/05 Victoire (Victory) 1945
national holiday
26/05 Mother's Day
27/05 Slavery abolition Day. Holiday
Events all over the archipelago
30/05 Ascension Thursday. Holiday
Traditional picnics at the beach

JUNE 2019
07-10/06 Terre de Blues - International Music Festival in Marie-Galante - Information
09-10/06 Pentcost Holiday
Traditional picnics at the beach
21/06 Day of Music
A cloud of music all over the Archipelago
21-23/06 Transkarukera, international run through the Soufrière mountains, Info: 06 90 00 49 41,
24/06 St. Patron's Day in Baie-Mahault (St. Jean Baptiste)
24/06 St. Patron's Day in Moule (St. Jean Baptiste)
29/06 St. Patron's Day in Deshaies (St. Pierre et St. Paul)

JULY 2019
01/07-31/08 FESTIVAL GUADELOUPE, annual summer event
(Gastronomy, Music, Folklore)
July Forum of Arts, Crafts and Folklore in Sainte Anne
Informations: OMCS, Tel: 0590-88.12.16
08-14/07 Gwo-Ka (traditional drums) festival in Sainte Anne, listed as Intangible cultural heritage by Unesco
Informations: OMCS, Tel: 0590-88.12.16
July Bicycle Tour of Marie Galante - Informations
06/07 St. Patron's Day in Port-Louis (Notre Dame des 7 douleurs)
14/07 Bastille Day. Holiday. Fireworks
21/07 Holiday Victor Schoelcher
(highly contributed to the abolition of slavery in 1848)
26/07 St. Patron's Day in Goyave (Sainte Anne)
26/07 St. Patron's in Sainte Anne (Sainte Anne)
26/07 St. Patron's Day in Capesterre de Marie-Galante (Sainte Anne)
end July International Zouk Festival of Guadeloupe
concerts throughout Guadeloupe Infotel: 0590 241 968

August Miss Guadeloupe Beauty Contest
August Festival of Traditional Music in Moule
01-11/08 Tour de Guadeloupe - International Bicycle Tour of Guadeloupe
10/08 Cooks' Festival: the women cooks, to honour their Saint Lawrence, bring baskets full of food to the cathedral, then parade through the city. Follows a banquet with dance that you may attend.
Information: Maison des cuisinières Tel.:
15/08 Assumption Day, Holiday
14-15/08 Fishermens' Days, Marina of Saint François
15/08 Day of the Patron and Fishers' Day at the Saintes, Terre-de-Haut
Mass for the fishermen, procession, benediction of the sea
Informations: Town Hall Terre-de-Haut, Tel.:
15/08 Saint Patron's Day in Grand Bourg at Marie-Galante
15/08 Saint Patron's Day in Pointe-Noire (Notre Dame de Bon Port)
15/08 Saint Patron's Day in Trois-Rivières
15/08 Saint Patron's Day on Desirade
15/08 Saint Patron's Day in Petit Bourg
17/08 Saint Patron's Day in Capesterre-Belle-Eau (Saint Hyacinthe)
23/08 Saint Patron's Day in Sainte-Rose (Sainte Rose de Lima)
24/08 St. Patron's Day on Saint Bartholomew
25/08 St. Patron's Day in Gosier (Saint Louis)
25/08 St. Patron's Day in Bouillante (Saint Louis)
25/08 St. Patron's Day in Saint-Louis at Marie-Galante (Saint Louis)
28/08 St. Patron's Day in Saint-Claude (Saint Augustin)

04/10 St. Patron's Days Saint-François
04/10 St. Patron's Day in Basse-Terre, district St François (Saint François)
09/10 St. Patron's Day in Anse Bertrand (Saint Denis)
15/10 St. Patron's Day in Basse-Terre, district Ste Thérèse (Ste Thérèse)
end October Volcano Trail, international run in the Soufrière mountains, Info: 0690 54 39 17

Nov.-April Cockfight season
Information: Office du Tourisme Tel.:
01-02//11 All Saints Day, All Souls' Day, Holidays
Cemeteries are illuminated by thousands of candlelights
11/11 Armistice Day, public holiday, parades
11/11 Saint Patron's Day in Gourbeyre (Saint Charles)
11/11 Saint Patron's Days of Saint-Martin, Grand-Case
22/11 Day of Music - to honour the patron of musicians, Saint Caecilia
Concerts in the streets and the churches
30/11 Saint Patron's Day in Morne-à-l'Eau (Saint André)

December Chanté Noël
Traditional Christmas Choirs in churches, on village squares....
December Feast of Pointe-a-Pitre's districts
Concerts, street entertainments
06/12 Santa Claus' Day in Terre-de-Bas / Les Saintes
To honour the Saint of the city: Sailors' mass, Procession, Benediction of the sea
Infotel: (city hall Terre-de-Bas)
08/12 Day of women merchants in Abymes (Immaculate Conception)
Procession of the women merchants
Infotel: Tourist Bureau of Abymes
24/12 Christmas Eve
Traditional dishes: Rice and beans, blood sausages, pork colombo. Midnight Mass (with Creole carols in some churches)
28/12 Young Saints Day
Traditional Masses for children, who are allowed to bring their Christmas gifts to church
31/12 feu d'artifices New Year's Eve, end of  2019 !
Dining and dancing, many events till New Year's morning

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